Taking NLN tomorrow - Please Help!

  1. I am freaking out a bit as am taking the NLN tomorrow morning. I was wondering if there are alot of Anat & Physiology questions or mainly Chemistry and Physics. I was also wondering for those of you who have taken it, how was the vocab section? Any of the words similar to thr Review book?? Anything at all would really help!
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  3. by   GottaGetIn
    In the test I took, there was maybe one A&P question. The rest were physics, chemistry and micro-type questions.
  4. by   nessa1980
    Thanks so much for your reply. Do you remember anything about the vocab?
  5. by   GottaGetIn
    I do. It was okay but there was some I did not know. They are not the exact same words as the study book, but about the same on the degree of difficulty.

    Good Luck!!!