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Hello! I am currently completing the pre-reqs for MDC medical campus. I am enrolled to complete my last two sciences BSC 2086 and MCB 2010 in the Spring semester but I'm being advised to just take... Read More

  1. by   kmarlin
    I have a similar question. I am thinking of taking Principles of Chemistry and Human Anatomy in the fall. (I think it would probably be best to take A & P separately instead of together) The thing is that I have had a learning disability in reading comprehension for many years. I got off numerous psych meds in late 2008 and am doing 1000% better, but I'm not sure how I would be able to handle things now. Do you think I could handle the course load? If not, I was thinking of signing up for other courses to fulfill my full time status with Principes of Chemistry, Interpersonal Communication, Phys Ed and business math.
  2. by   kmarlin
    One more thing, I live with my boyfriend of almost 4 years and don't work, so I've got the time to study, but I'm just concerned about comprehending, understanding and memorizing information. ~Karrah
  3. by   Rah8978
    I took A&P I and Chem 119 last semester with Spanish 101. I had to have 2 more credit hours for financial aid so I also took yoga and a fitness class. I did manage to get A's in all classes but it just about killed me! They offered supplemental instruction classes for both the A&P and the chem but the A&P supplemental class didn't help at all. The chem however, saved me! By the end of the semester I can definitely understand why they want you to take chem 119 before A&P I. It finally all made sense at the end. I had to get special permission from my professors to take them both together. I had taken Chem 100 the semester before and got an A also. But I was only able to get an A in chem 100 due to the supplemental instructors I had for that class. I haven't had a science class in over 32 years! The nursing program I was applying for only takes applications once a year in Feb. so since I am 47 years old, I didn't have another year to wait to get in. If at all possible, I would suggest not taking the chem and A&P together. There is so much information that you need from the chem to fully grasp the material in A&P. I got accepted into the nursing program and have my orientation tomorrow. Start classes in the summer! Just joined this website today. It looks like a good place to share and gain info. Good luck! Glad to be here!
  4. by   DarkBluePhoenix
    I love how people assume we know what their particular class codes and numbers mean...like every school as a universal code or something....? duh!

    ***As for your question, unless you are a science person, it should be a breeze but if your not, then prepare for no life and studying all the time. You have to stay on top of everything! Don't slack off

    Good Luck
  5. by   JKindRN
    Quote from mjmoon
    I'm taking A/P 2, chem and micro in the spring. I HOPE it's doable!
    WOW! and I thought taking AP2 and Microbio was going to be a challenge!! how did you do?!
  6. by   shananigansWI
    You are the best judge of what you can handle, so I'd take anything an adviser tells you with a grain of salt. I took micro, A&P 1, and o/bio chem last fall. Total of 14 credits, I had four 2-hour lab periods every week. I don't have any kids and wasn't working at the time, so I found the classes kept me pretty busy but not too overwhelmed most of the time. I managed to keep my 4.0 intact. Maybe try talking to some students at your school who have already taken the courses, they may be able to give you some good insight.
  7. by   iaomai
    Im taking intro to chem and AP2 for my summer session and im not to worried. I have 2 kids both are preteens tho. Im by myself most of the tome with hubby working out of state. I have a supportive mother that helps. I think if you want something bad enough you can do wutever you need too. I want to apply this Dec for the nursing program and so, I have to finish my prereqs in order to do that! Be encouraged and kno you can do it!