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  1. Hi guys....i was wondering if any of you took and online class with SUNY LEARNING NETWORK???.....I will be taking a class online with them and i was wondering if you had any trouble with your community college afterwards with the whole credit thing...:typing
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  3. by   sjenn511
    Hi. I have not taken any classes online with SUNY. But my sister is a teacher and most of her friends have teaching degrees from SUNY ONLINE. If you don't mind me asking, what class are you going to take?
  4. by   Dionyonce
    Well i already have a Full time job and i have 3 last preqs..which i plan to take and they are A&P 1 and 2 and Micro.. then im done...hopefully it works out because i really dont know if you have mentally prepared meaning learning is i really dont know how it will be viewed with a community college being that its a
    SUNY situation.....
  5. by   sjenn511
    Most credits are accepted. If you have doubts just contact the school that you are getting these pre-req's or classes for and ask if they accept credits from SUNY.This way you know for sure.
  6. by   Dionyonce
    Yeah I will do thst.....thank u.......
  7. by   Dionyonce
    wanted to know if anyone knew primarily the hours of the day for the online class???? ill be starting in sep and ...i just realized that i have no idea what time it would be being that i get home from work at 530pm...
  8. by   AccelCNL
    I have taken a class on SLN. I would advise you to talk to the CC you want to transfer to because it might depend on the class you are taking. If you are thinking of taking a science w/ lab talk to an advisor. Better to be safe then sorry.