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  1. Hello everyone. Does anyone know of any books that has a CD-Rom to take practice tests, multiple choice and games of material covered in the book. I am looking for subjects for pre-nursing classes such as Biology/Physiology, General Micorobiology, Intro to Chemistry and General Psychology and Nursing Assistant. I have an excellent Medical Terminology Book that came with a CD Rom workbook with practice tests and games. I learn and remember better with a CD workbook. If anyone knows of any books, software, websites or material that will help me remember material as I go further along in nursing would be helpful. I would like to study material and use CD workbook before I take class. Thank you.:spin:
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  3. by   HMnursingstudent1
    Hi there! I have a great medical terminology book too that I used the cd for and it helped a great deal. I also took body structure and function and human diseases for the health profession which also offer a cd rom with them. They were a great learning tool. I think that most of the classes now are offering these tools. I think they are wonderful! You might want to try a bookstore, I know I like to go to Borders Books because they have a ton of different books and also activities like already made flashcards and things like that. They have a lot of great resources. Are you taking any pre-courses before you start nursing? A website I have used for information is or something like that-I use it for one of my classes and gives a lot of information on different diseases and other things. There are a couple of other websites I've used but can't think of off the top of my head. Try searching for a medical word your interested in learning about maybe like "microbiology" this would probably be a great start to find other websites. Good Luck! Hope this helps!
  4. by   4evrhisma
    I got a couple of cd roms for biology and chem, called biotutor and chemtutor, from amazon. They've helped out a lot, even though it's not in the exact order as the books. For math/stats, etc. I use mymathlabdotcom along with the textbooks, and that definitely helps me a lot.
  5. by   collegebound
    My A&P book (and my pysch and also did this last semester for Human Growth) has a website. The address is usually on the inside cover. Have you checked yours? If not, you may just run a search of the subject you are looking for and see if you can find any publisher's websites. Maybe use your books name or the publisher's names, etc. or just do a broad subject search and see what comes up. The website for my text has about what you are looking for--quizes, interactive tutorials, flashcards, cross word puzzles, etc. Good luck!
  6. by   LMRN10
    I may be a bit oldschool. I have a hard time retaining information by just reading, so I have found that if I actually make flash cards w/ index cards, that helps me...and also with those, I can have my DH quiz me. That works for me.
  7. by   Crescent_cries
    study groups also helps a lot. form a small group of maybe 4 to 5 people, more if you want, and test each other out on what you are learning in class. if you don't like groups, you can do flash cards as lmm1019, or just post some of the things you learn in class or questions around the house, where you will see them. vbmenu_register("postmenu_1874682", true);