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I have decided to go back to school, and now that it's only 1 week away I am so scared :uhoh21: . I guess i'm scared of failure, of not being good enough. I first have to finish some pre-reqs and... Read More

  1. by   stpauligirl
    Quote from catzy5
    I am still scared hehehee... I started in 04 and I am more scared this semester then any other because it is my last semester of pre reqs I have done fantastic up till now and I don't want to blow it on the homestretch so its making me very very nervous, compound that with I am trying to take ap2 and micro together and I keep thinking will I have enough time in the day to do it "all".
    You will do GREAT!!!!!! Good luck. I am glad to see you here again more frequently. I missed your energetic posts
  2. by   beba42
    i wanted to thank everyone for the encouragement, it's nice to see i’m not the only one that feels this way and i have the supports of you guys to help me through all this! you guys are great!
  3. by   RN,BSN84
    Congrats!! You'll do fine. :hatparty: :hatparty:
  4. by   sitesonRN
    first of are so lucky to have found this site in the beginning of your college career! it is the best support out there and i just found it about 2 months ago; i sure could have used it the last couple of years.

    i started back to school in ' first day i sat in the parking lot frozen like an idiot! i actually called a friend and told her that i couldn't do it. i was 37 and was so scared that i would stick out like a sore thumb. i thought that my backpack made me look like a geek and that i would be ridiculed...flashbacks of highschool i guess . i sat there for a few minutes, took deep cleansing breaths, and checked out everyone elses backpacks, he he he.

    fast forward to today...i start ns next week! i'm not as nervous as i was that first day, but i do still get a few butterflies the night before. but school is awesome! i have been one of the oldest in all of my classes, but believe it or not i have yet to be the oldest. most of my study partners could be my kids, and they love having a mom figure in their group; ultimately everyone is very supportive and accepting. and i am a better student now in my old age.

    well that's my story!

    good luck to all you "newbies" out there!