Starting Again!

  1. Hey everyone!

    After my horrible time at a school in Vermont, I have been accepted as a transfer student to La Salle University in Philadelphia. I'm a pre-nursing major and I am so so nervous especially about A&P. I didn't do well in the Vermont school (I'd say I was in the upper portion of the class though because 60% of the class was failing the lab after 1.5 months.) I think the fact that I was so miserable up there definitely impacted my study skills and such. So, I am starting fresh this fall and I am so nervous! I think the library is going to become my new home because nursing is all I want to do. Any advice/support would be awesome! Thanks!
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  3. by   Jazren
    Hello, have you started? I just saw your post and I'm currently taking pre-reqs at LaSalle.....
  4. by   Jonahyona
    Yeah, I've started. Knocking out some cores and stuff. No labs this semester, though. What about you?
  5. by   Ansumana
    A&P is a memory game, he'll EVERY science is a memory game and the secret is simple to getting an A in A&P and any other classes. You have study, obviously, but love what you do. I can tell you right now that the antigen D protein ms name was derived from the Rhesus monkey name. Guess what? That information is very irrelevant because no teacher is ever going to ask the origin of any name. Like b cells are named "B cells" because birds carried an organ or such named Bursa equivalent or equivala that was equal to where B cells are produced in humans which are our bones. Again, very irrelevant and I learned and read that in the beginning of January 2012 for A&P I. Like I said, the key to success is loving what you do and doing what you love because if you're dreading it everyday, especially trying to go into nursing, isn't going to cut it. So trying your best and also loving it will definitely increase your chances of getting in.