St Vincent's Waiting list??

  1. I've heard many things about schools having a waiting list...but i'v never heard about St. Vincents...Does anybody know if they have a waiting list?? I still have pre reqs to take hopefully i cant take them there (like micro). If someone has gotten in, can you please tell me what the grade requirements is to get in? (aprox) I need all the advice i can get!! Thanks!!
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  3. by   sillinursin

    St. V's just changed their admission's procedure and currently does has a waiting list. They used to take applicants on a rollin basis but currently has stopped that and now have the same process as all other schools.

    I start nursing this coming fall. If I were you I would apply and take your prereq's there. They will get you into the nursing curriculum quicker once you finish your core classes. Attend a open house, there you can ask all the questions to a admission's officer and they can steer you into the right path.

    I unfortunately made the mistake of taking all my prereqs at community college's and now have to repeat a few b/c they do not except a/p or micro credits from other schools. You can clep them but the test is not easy.

    good luck and let me know if you have any questions.
  4. by   TEE1978
    If this is the St. V in bridgeport ct then i know a lil about getting it. I just received an acceptance letter from that. They put me in their extended program because i dont have the prereqs. It will take me 3 yrs to get the degree but am willing to do it.