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Hey, I didn't see a thread for Mount Saint Mary University -spring 2018 ADN program so I thought I would start it. I recently applied and took my TEAS exam at MSMU. I was just wondering what... Read More

  1. by   mmn6807
    does any one know what time orientation is? thanks!!
  2. by   hopefulkim99
    Hi everyone. If anyone is still hanging around, just curious does anyone work ft during this program?
  3. by   madelinec
    Hey! No I don't but I'm a stay at home mom to a 11 month old so almost like having a job
  4. by   hopefulkim99
    Quote from madelinec
    Hey! No I don't but I'm a stay at home mom to a 11 month old so almost like having a job ������������
    oh wow super mom! ! So what you're saying is i could pretty much handle two ft jobs and do the program? lol jk....but it's doable with a job/ babies . I would have to work in order to pay my tuition. How long is the program?
  5. by   JoCl89
    Quote from okDebrah
    Hello!! I just saw the acceptance status on the web portal! EXCITED!!!!!! When should we be hearing about the orientation ? Someone please make a facebook page for Spring 2018!
    Hey, random question but what cohort did you decide on?
  6. by   NkemOby
    Hi everyone, I recently applied to MSMU ADN for the fall 2018 semester. I'm so scared because I have 4 classes in progress (micro, chem, critical thinking and life span psychology). I fear that this would make them not accept me and this is my last semester of pre requisites I don't want to have a gap semester. Although we were told in the info session that you can have classes in progress as long as they are completed before the start of the semester. These classes I have in progress end in June 2018 and MSMU ADN starts August 2018. I am also currently doing really good in these classes and I'm pretty sure I will pass these classes with all A's. I don't know but this is my biggest fear. Do you guys have any helpful info for me?
  7. by   cedwards1
    I don't have any helpful info regarding your post but I also applied to the ADN fall program, waiting on my acceptance letter (praying).
  8. by   steph17
    did you get interviewed?
  9. by   JoCl89
    I would check your portal everyday. I think they update that before they send the letters.