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okay so i've known almost my whole life that i would end up with a career in medicine. for a long time i wanted to be a vet, then a doctor, but that seemed like too much i thought nursing... Read More

  1. by   grad2009
    My 16 yo daughter thought she had her career path all figured out, a dental hygienist or dentist, until I decided to become a nurse. My enthusiasm and a few episodes of scrubs have her rethinking that decision now.

    I think it's the whole "I saved a life" versus "I saved a tooth" issue. That, and the fact that Christy, my daughter is a great people person who can do many things at once, do them fast, and do them very well. She would be great in ER. I think she needs that additional human contact that she would get with patients as a nurse. Also, a hospital is such an exciting place to be. Whichever field she chooses, she'll be great.

    I realize the dentist/nurse dilemma is totally different from the doctor/nurse one and my post is totally irrelevant to your problem it just reminded me of my Christy. It's cute at 16 when she is stressing and crying because she can't choose a career. Of course, my advice to her is the same everyone else's to you. Do you basics, shadow someone if possible, talk to people in the business, and it'll come to you.

    Which one do you dream (literally dream) about? I dream about nursing all the time.

    BTW....Echo Heron's books are great.
  2. by   Angels'
    I agree that the basic classes are the way to go, giving you time to choose the career that you may enjoy.

    A pre-nursing student,
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