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    MBA, if you don't mind can you tell me a little bit more about RN-BNS bridge? like how does it work?
    I forgot to mention in my other post that there is no guarantee I will be admitted into the RN-BSN program I am looking to attend. Although my school has an agreement to take my CCs nursing students, they only have an agreement to take a small number of the best nursing students on an early admissions basis. So, I will have to apply and submit letters of recommendation (preferable from nursing school instructors) as well as submit an essay and be interviewed.

    This pokes holes into the theory some are throwing around that admissions into RN-BSN programs is easy. I am only optimistic I will get in because I am highly competitive and so if there is at least one spot for early admissions, one of those spots belongs to me!

    So again, talk to a counselor/advisor and do research on the pass rates for the NCLEX, the graduation rates, the costs of attending, as well as the competitiveness in applying to your schools of interest. Good luck.