Retake TEAs?

  1. So I recently took the TEAs and got 87.1%. With 97.5% in reading and 82.2% in math. I am not sure if I should retake the test again and try for a better score or not. I am trying to go to a school in California and I know it is really competitive. My GPA is only a 3.6. Any thoughts from anyone?
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  3. by   Coriander
    If you have the time and money, I say go for it. You have already taken it once, so you're familiar with the set up. I may retake it myself.

    A 3.6 GPA is pretty good. Congrats on that!
  4. by   PacoUSA
    I think schools generally take your highest TEAS score, unlike the GRE or similar tests which report every testing you've taken. So if you're game to take the test again, feel free! I think your 87.1% score is very impressive, though I understand your concern about the competition and don't blame you for considering a retest.
  5. by   YDRussell
    Congrats on a great score! I re-took my TEAS because the first time around, I only scored an 81.2%. I was not happy with this and took it again and earned an 89.4%. I think the majority of people that retake the exam go up. If you feel like you can do better, than go for it! Good luck on your decision
  6. by   Shandra2008
    Hey guys!!!! I was wondering how hard is the teas test, and where can I get a study guide? Thanks so much!!!