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I Hope everyone is having a great Sem. since they are almost over. Has anyone ever ordered books online before, I've found some great deals on Amazon Marketplace. What should I look out for? Has... Read More

  1. by   ChargeNurseAmy74
    well my books will cost $450 at my college, and went to www.half.com and got all my books for $177. i have to still buy a $10 manual from my college, then i'm done, woo hoo..check it!!

  2. by   CrufflerJJ
    Quote from midcom
    Be sure to check the rating of the seller. I made that mistake when I bought from half.com (through e-bay) and didn't realize until too late that the seller was brand new & had no rating at all. Guess what? I didn't get my book, the creep! Now I am sitting here $30 poorer & no book to show for it. Ebay will probably get me a refund, if I'm lucky but that doesn't help that I really need the book.
    I have also bought from Amazon's Marketplace successfully but am still waiting on a book that was supposedly shipped a month ago. I just filed a claim on that one too but suspect that it really did get lost in the mail. However, the seller hasn't graced me with an answer to my e-mails, so who knows?
    Not all newbie sellers are cheats. I should know - I am one on Amazon.com (zero or 1 rating, I haven't checked). Although I've got over 105 good deals (buy & sell) to my credit on fleabay, Amazon's wonderful ad posting software automatically rejects your ad if it refers to any "external sites". I was trying to tell potential buyers "see, I'm not all that bad a guy - see my ebay rating." The ad got pulled, so I had to edit it & repost the thing.

    The best protection I can say about buying online is to use a credit card, NOT Paypal (ebay/half.com). Although Paypal theoretically offers you "buyer protection", it's far weaker than that offered by your credit card company. Paypal makes you jump through tons of hoops to get your money back, and after a lot of hassle, you may or may not get it all back. One letter to your credit card company to dispute the charge, and you're in good shape with a refund or credit to your account.

    Something else I do when getting textbooks is to pay the extra buck or two for expedited shipping. Your books get to you faster, and with hopefully a lower chance of getting lost. Then again, there are the scum twit sellers that charge you the extra $$$ for expedited shipping, then send it by media mail.