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  1. Hey guys. I'm a college freshman 17 years. I school at Lone star college Texas to get all my prereqs done so i transfer for the nursing program. I will get done with my whole prereqs by spring 2019. and I have bunch of schools in mind with little or more different requirements. How hard is the hesi and Teas. And is it possible for me to take Teas this year and then use it for nursing application next year or a year after that? just curious.
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    I've only taken the TEAS myself. I don't think it's necessarily difficult in the type of problems, just extensive. You have a lot of different topics that can be tested on, so your knowledge base should be good. The reading and English portion is probably SAT level or below. The math is below SAT math (pretty much fractions, percentages, word problems, and basic algebra). The science is primarily A&P (probably 75%) and can be on a wide number of things so you have to know your organ systems well.

    I don't recommend you take the TEAS before you finish A&P I and II honestly (unless you took it in school and had a good teacher--even then I'd taken a practice test first to get a good idea of your knowledge base) since the science is mostly A&P. You'd either get a very low score on the science portion or you'd have to teach yourself A&P, which would be a lot of extra study time that would be unnecessary.

    The university I took the TEAS for allows you to use a score from up to 5 years prior. But it all depends on the program and their requirements.
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    For the Hesi's A&P section you need at least an A&P 1 class under your belt. For math, you need to be at least good with algebra, the exam has a lot of ratios and converting fractions into decimals or percentages. For Biology, they cover the basics of a biology course such as mitosis vs meiosis. Reading comp. is pretty start forward, just re-read each passage to make sure you don't miss any information. Vocab can be learned in a week or less, there are quizlet study guides for it. Grammar part is basic, just review basic grammar rules from the Hesi review book. You should give yourself at least a month to study for the Hesi. If you still have a lot of prereqs to do, then don't take the Hesi until your almost done with your prereqs.