Prerequisites and Nursing School?

  1. I am almost finished with my prereqs and I plan to start nursing school in the fall of 2018. So I have gotten A's in both of my A&P classes but I want to make sure I don't forget any of the important stuff I've learned because I know how important A&P is. However, I do realize some of the material is more relevant to nursing than others. So what are the most important body systems to know before nursing school? What anatomy and physiology is going to help me the most entering nursing school? And if you could go back to before you started nursing school (knowing what you know now) and study/review your A&P, what specifically would you go over again? Thanks!
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  3. by   brownbook
    I admire your eagerness.

    You should never stop learning, or reviewing, everything you studied in pre requisitets and the nursing program.

    All of A&P is important, that doesn't mean you have to have everything memorized. Keep your text books, or app, handy for quick reference or review.

    When you get a job you will review what applies to where you work. An orthopedic floor, you're going to review the skeletal system. L&D you'll review child birth. CCU you'll review the circulatory system. Work in an opthalmologist office or clinic, you're going to review the anatomy of the eye, etc.
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  4. by   araew2129
    Working on prerequisites myself right now. I'm sure others can add much more than I can but my a&p instructor just happened to stress to us yesterday how important the ANS will be in nursing school. Based on other tips he has given, I would say that the neurotransmitters on the NS will be important to know since so many drugs act on them. And I'd probably review the endocrine system as well (haven't learned it yet myself but I would think it's a biggie given that it and the nervous system tend to manage everything )