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  1. In 13 weeks I start my 1st semester as a nursing (ADN) student. I've returned to school after 25 years (I just turned 50) to pursue this. In the past year I've been taking pre-reqs at a community college (not where I'm going to nursing school, I'm going to an accredited regional public university.)

    I'll be working extra hours this summer to save up money so I can cut back while I'm in school (my wife has a good job in IT) but I have some concerns about whether I'm prepared for nursing school. The program I'll be in has a reputation for being easier to get into but harder to get through than others in the area. (NCLEX-RN pass rates are high, comparable to the programs with more competitive admissions.)

    A&P - I got a B+ in AP1 and a C+ in AP2. I felt like relative to the other students I was solid, better than many, but don't feel confident that I've really mastered it to the level I think might be necessary to get through nursing school and do well. Math - I used an A in an elementary calculus class from 25 years ago to fulfill my math pre-req. I haven't taken any math since then. I thought the math on the NLN-PAX was super easy, but don't know what level of math skills I'll need to succeed in nursing school.

    Should I do any review of chemistry and/or microbiology? I don't really have a background in either (I took gen chem I in college years ago, and did poorly). What else, pathophysiology, pharmacology? What else is important?

    If I allocate 10-15 hours per week this summer to prepping for nursing school, is that likely to be enough, and how should I break it down in terms of what I study? I not only want to get my RN but do my best to get a 4.0.

    FYI - because of my previous college work, I probably won't have to take anything except nursing courses (36 hours over 4 semesters.) I might have to take a communications class (prob take Summer of 2018 if I do) because my original university recorded it on my transcript as a course in German film when it was really small group communications. I'm going to try to get that fixed.
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  3. by   Simplistic
    In my honest opinion, you should NOT be studying ahead. Use your free time to relax, spend time with friends and family and doing what you love.
  4. by   FutureNurseInfo
    I guess you can brush up on math and chem. However, pharm and pahto should be the core courses in your ADN program anyways. In math I would say you should know basic fractions, decimals, conversion factors and measurements and know how to convert from one to another. For example, ounces to mL, etc.