PREGNANT! What about school now!!!! - page 2

You have to be kidding me! Husband and I were planning to try for baby #2 after nursing school! And I just found out this morning that I am pregnant. I am supposed to get my letter in the mail next... Read More

  1. by   wan2banrseNms
    hugs to you! :icon_hug:
  2. by   donaldah
    Sorry about your loss! I wish you the best in the coming days...year.
  3. by   TnKzMom
    :icon_hug: I'm sooo sorry! Things happen for a reason, some really suck! Once again soo sorry! Good Luck w/ the rest of your Nursing career! If you're strong enough to get through what you've gotten through, you'll make it through Nursing school w/ No Problem. Much Love, T
  4. by   ally21
    I'm sorry for your loss.
  5. by   3rdgenRN2B