Pre-nursing student confused

  1. Hi I'm 33, mother, and pre nursing student. I have she confusion, that maybe I can get some help with. I started school, 2009, and now are just finishing up my pre-req's. I have chemistry, college algebra, and us history left to take.
    My dilemma is this. When I started community college, they had an ADN program, so there was no need to consider other schools, because I'd hope I would get into the one I was already going to.
    I moved around a lot, and each CC has a different nursing requirements. For example, my first school used entrance exam testing, whereas, my 2nd school used a point system.
    Well I moved a 3 rd time during this process, and the community colleges here in Arkansas, offer Lpn programs.
    I applied to a total of 3 nursing programs, one being an LPN program.
    I applied late to the university of Arkansas little rock, which was my first choice. I passed the Heisi entrance exam, but there was a problem with my algebra. I thought I had foundations of algebra, and it turns our my algebra was developmental, so my application for ualr, couldn't be reviewed
    Anyway, I had applied to the LpN program at a tech school I'm currently in here in Arkansas.
    I'm very confused if I should wait until January and take the college algebra, along with my other two missing pre req's, or take the Lpn route if accepted into that program.
    My hearts desire has always been to be an RN, but yet I'm wondering if this is a sign for maybe for me to gain experience and do the bridge over from Lpn to rn.

    Help so discouraged. Sorry so long
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  3. by   LoveMyBoxer99
    I do not mean to make assumptions, but you seem to be moving frequently, and the question becomes.. Would you benefit form the LPN program to start since it is shorter and could be finished maybe before you would move again?

    Per-Reqs are different everywhere. That does complicate things sometimes. If you have intentions on staying where you are, it would be good to get them out of the way and go straight to the RN program. The main thing will be taking your options and choosing a path and sticking to it. You sound like you are doing really well, you just need to make your final decisions.

    Any choice you make will be right for you if you take time to trust yourself and follow your plan! Good luck!
  4. by   MommaTy
    Can you take it as a summer course? Good luck.
  5. by   ArrowRN
    IF you know you want to be an RN and only got a few prerequisites left, going the LPN to RN route will add another year or 2 (if you want to be a BSN) to your time of study. Moving can also be a pain transferring classes once you are officially in a program. Instead of just getting my prereqs I got my AA first. During my prerequisites I moved once about 1.5 hours away and it was such a pain trying to transfer to the closet state college (they wanted to add more stupid prereq classes) I just ended up driving back and forth to my original school part-time until my AA was complete. After I got my AA then I applied to nursing schools. Got into to my first choice BSN program and I just finished my 1st semester.
    I won't settle for LPN school if you are set on being an RN, just slow down a bit, focus on the AA will increase yr chances of getting into a BSN program. It might especially be a bad idea to get into LPN school and then you have to move again. Another thing about going LPN to RN is if you become an LPN and ready to go to RN school the prereq might change again and you may have to go back to do couple more classes.
    I think the moving part you have to figure out first because even a short LPN program is 12 months and an ADN/RN program is only 3 months longer depending on where you go. You will need to be stationary for minimum 1.5 years if you want to complete an RN program. I went through some of the same thought processes you have but I got in nursing school even though it took a bit longer than I wanted. Wish you luck.