Pre-nursing student in California: Where to apply?

  1. So I am currently a pre-nursing student in San Jose, California. I go to De Anza // Foothill Community college and am almost finished with my prerequisites, which means its time to think about which nursing schools to apply to to get my bachelor's degree. I am a 3.9 GPA student who has taken most prereqs and only have the last series of Anatomy/Physio and Microbiology left. I haven't taken the TEAS yet. I am just about to start volunteering at my local hospital, but other than that, I dont have much background in the medical field.

    The question is: what schools should I apply to?

    I am completely lost. I do not want to stay home so San Jose State is out of the question. I was considering SDSU and CSULB, but both seem close to impossible to get in. I've also looked at Samuel Merritt and University of Washington, but I really do need more options to think about! Are there any recommendations as to which schools I should apply to? They do not have to be in California, but at the same time I don't want to be all the way across the country for school. Help ya girl out )-:
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  3. by   Devon Rex

    My first advice is to ensure the school you choose has been accredited by Search ACEN Accredited Nursing Programs

    You can then research information on those that interest you the most. Hope this helps!
  4. by   MyAimIsTrue
    How about Chico State? Still Nor Cal, but far enough from your family. Affordable too. Or Sonoma State?