Pre-nursing help w/ pre-application and program choice

  1. Hey everyone! I've been reading these boards for a while now but have finally decided to get on and participate myself after seeing how helpful these forums are for so many people!

    I'm a 26yo male with a BS in Biochemistry/Molecular Biology, 2008. I've been working in biotech for the past 3 years and decided this year that I'd like to pursue nursing. Four months ago, I started volunteering as a Patient Care Liaison on a telemetry/stroke floor at a local hospital (this is non-medical, ensuring patients are comfortable, listening to their stories, getting water/blankets) to get a feel for hospital life. Many of my prereqs were done in undergrad, however some classes I'm taking again because I didn't have labs with them. Anyways, our company got laid off with perfect timing for me to go back to school full time starting in the Fall to complete my classes.

    The A/P series I'm taking is 3 quarters, so I'm stuck in school for at least that long. Instead of busting the other classes out in the first quarter (interpersonal comm, microbio, nutrition), I spread them out over three quarters as well. This gave me enough time in my schedule to add the 3 quarter EMT course! Spring quarter 2013 ends June 28th, which would set me up nicely for applications. The trouble I'm having is deciding whether I should use that EMT cert and work for a year PRIOR TO applying, or apply with it as an additional skill set...

    The second trouble I'm having is deciding which path to take. I'd like to get into critical care, namely the ED, but I'm looking at Master's Entry Programs which require you to select a specialty pre-admission and I'm not sure which specialty to select. The alternative is to do an accelerated BSN program and then sometime later get a masters. All things considered, I'd love to stay in CA.

    I really appreciate any words of wisdom you'd be wiling to share!
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  3. by   Ansumana
    I gathered that you really like the EMT route. So why not do intensive care as a nurse or some type of ER nurse?
  4. by   calinicumurse
    Hey Ansumana, that's what I'd like to do, ER nursing. But can't figure out what the specialty would be called in the programs I'm looking at. Maybe Adult-Gerontological Acute Care Nurse Practitioner? My big wonder is if I should work as an EMT for a year before applying.
  5. by   Ansumana
    That would seem cool to work as an EMT but I believe you would have to start out at EMT-B then EMT-I then finally EMT-P. not only that, you would have experience for intensive care and most likely fill an experience required to work in ER
  6. by   calinicumurse
    Sounds like they're phasing out the EMT-intermediate and funneling more people straight to paramedic school. Though EMT-B might not be super hands on, I think the exposure to emergency situations could still help in taking the ER nurse path. My problem is all about timing though. I'll finish the EMT-B program right before app season starts. Do I hold off apps for a year while I work as an EMT or just apply with it as an added skill set?