Pre-Entrance Nursing Exam

  1. I will be taking the pre-entrance exam in June 2007 and am looking for suggestions. I recently bought the RN Pre-Entrance Exam book. I have been out of school for so long so it's hard to jump back in. Looking for pointers.

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  3. by   jessica<3RN
    Which exam will you be taking? Hesi, NET...there are quite a few. People are very helpful in providing website information for help with your studies.
  4. by   joyous6
    I'm taking the PAX exam. It's the pre-entrance exam into the 2 year RN program at Sinclair Community College. Does any of that information help? It almost seems like it's an ASVAB test. All I know is that I have to take it before I can be put on the waiting list. If I don't do well in a certain area, I will need to take extra courses.
  5. by   Stacey18
    I'm taking the PAX test 6/11/07 at Sinclair. Have you already taken it?
  6. by   joyous6
    that's the date I am taking mine. Have you been studying? I have tried but it's confusing me
  7. by   Stacey18
    Quote from joyous6
    that's the date I am taking mine. Have you been studying? I have tried but it's confusing me
    I'm trying to brush up on some things. I'm not sure what we're supposed to be studying! I'm nervous about it, I'll just hope for the best!
  8. by   joyous6
    I purchased the pre-entrance exam book and have been online. Hopefully it will all come back. What classes are you taking now?
  9. by   carolinagirlz
    I am also new to nursing and must take the PAX test. I have 2 children and also have been out of school along time. The school that I am applying for only take the highest pax scores to get in. Please let me know how the test is. How does everyone prepare to take this?
  10. by   joyous6

    That is a testing site that has tests from ACT to Nursing Exam. I also purchased the Pre-entrance nursing exam book.
  11. by   carolinagirlz
    Which book did you purchase? I know their is one by Barron. I have just started looking around. When do you take the PAX ? Thanks for the suggestions.
  12. by   joyous6
    Review Guide for RN Pre Entrance Exam, 2nd Edition
    Look that up on Amazon. You can buy it cheaper other places. You can also go online
  13. by   carolinagirlz

    Just checking to see how your test went? I have to take the pax soon but I am taking some courses to get me up to speed. What was challenging on the test?
  14. by   cjane

    this web site has examples of what is said to be on the net test. if for some reason it doesn't work. click on forums , then nursing discussions by geographical area for texas. one of the discussions is net test by jaymom2b it is very helpful.