1. I'm trying to find something to certify in this summer and I would really like to do phlebotomy but i'm having a LOT of trouble finding a class. I've done CLS (combat life saver :spin courses in the military, and I'm wondering if i can just study and certify?

    Any/all advice welcome!
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  3. by   Krystin
    Also i'm in Yuma, AZ.
  4. by   rayele

    In California there is a list of state approved Phlebotomy schools. You have to make sure they are state approved for you can get your state certification. You should check the list for Arizona or call the Department of Health Services in Arizona and ask them for the list. I just signed up for one that starts this Monday and it's Monday-Thursday for a month, then you take your state exam within 1 week of completion, then they place you in a 40 hour externship program.
  5. by   Krystin
    i've been searching and searching and running into completely dead ends...
  6. by   rayele
    go to this site ( ) and call them and ask them where you can get the list of their approved phlebotomy training schools. i looked and couldn't find it either. maybe arizona has it on a different site than california.
  7. by   rayele
    oh also check your local community college
  8. by   Krystin
    Thanks for replying. It turns out Arizona doesn't require certification. There's a 16 hour class given about 5 hours from me (i can take on a weekend) but that's it. I'll probably talk to the hospital volunteer advocate and see if that's sufficient to possibly get into that area using that course.

    If so, it's golden. Cross your fingers =)
  9. by   rayele
    good luck
  10. by   libnat
    I'm think of doing this over summer. Lots of classes around my area. It couldn't hurt if it doesn't cost too much.
  11. by   tfleuter
    If you have a blood donation/plasma center nearby, maybe stop by and ask those who work there were they did the testing/certification.
  12. by   freesia29
    Here, in Bellingham, WA, they offer a class at the technical college, but the pre-reqs are medical terminology and anatomy.....I found an online class that covers both if anyone is looks pretty throrough.

    They are linked up with various colleges...and you have to check with the local college (there is a place to search with your zip) so you could check if they accredit it..