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I wasn't going to do this, but oh well, maybe it will make some part of my brain feel better or what not. Anyway Has anyone applied or been apcepted to Phillips Beth Isreal School of Nursing in New... Read More

  1. by   tootsieny
    I actually called the school a week ago and they told me that my file is still pending!! and I should hear from them the following week ( which was last week) but I heard NOTHING> so...I start to believe that I will never find out
  2. by   Vixen17
    Tootsieny they told me the same thing...I'm going to need a nurse soon if someone doesn't tell me something!!! I am having some serious stomach issues waiting to hear back form Beth Israel and one other school!!

  3. by   tootsieny
    today I called again! Ms Gallo said that my letter( rejection???) went out on May 28!!!
    maybe I'll get it tomorrow...(sigh)
  4. by   tootsieny
    Quote from Natingale
    awww tootsie, can you email them? :hugs:
    I e-mailed but nobody got back to me...
  5. by   nelliethenurse2B
    yes we can definately go through this together. im new to this to and will be starting my pre reqs in august 08' at new york tech. keep in touch....
  6. by   Bayley
    Hang in there Meytal, Vixen17, Tootsieny, and anyone else waiting to hear from PBISN! I can't even imagine how crazy I'd be going if I was still waiting to hear something but just keeping thinking positive and hopefully you'll be hearing some good news from them any day now. :hgu:
  7. by   tootsieny
    Thank you Bayley!:heartbeat
  8. by   tootsieny
    yesterday I was told that "a letter" was mailed to me on May 28!!!!!!!!
    (a rejection one???)
    oh well, there was nothing in my mailbox tonight:icon_roll
  9. by   tootsieny
    don't they usually notify the ones accepted by either phone call or e-mail?
  10. by   studygirl
    i was able to call and find out. they then sent an acceptance letter as well.
  11. by   Vixen17
    Is the mail that darn slow?! they keep increasing postage prices and we can't get mail yet!!!!

    I am starting to make myself physically sick.
  12. by   tootsieny
    hi all
    my ordeal is officially over. I got my rejection letter in the mail.
  13. by   Bayley
    I'm so sorry Tootsieny. Did you apply anywhere else?