1. Pharm is a prereq for my bachelors program and I'm wondering how hard it is. I know someone who is a paramedic that is taking Pharm and she is struggling with it. She says it's a lot of studying and making notecards. The way she described it is the way I studied for A&P and I did awesome (A's) in A&P.

    Any input, good and bad, is appreciated.
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  3. by   Asherah
    I'm taking a Pharmacology class as a sort-of elective currently (will have to take Adv. Pharm once I'm in my program and I figured I'd better get a head start!) and my best advice is what you may have heard already....know your Physiology inside and out! Seriously. I think it helps that I really enjoy the fundamentals of the topic...but it is very detailed information, and I think if you have a well developed core of Physio then anything that comes up can be thought through logically.

    As pharmacology is inherently how drugs act on the body and also how the body then acts on the drug itself (absorption, metabolism, half-life, etc.) understanding the normal functioning of all of the body systems is necessary.

    I wouldn't be too fearful of the course, just tackle it head on! Good luck
  4. by   lisabeth
    It was a very difficult class, but I loved it all the same.

    Good luck with Pharmacology. Study hard.
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  5. by   aerorunner80
    Micro was my least favorite class too! I barely got an A in that class but man did I work hard for that! The topic just isn't interesting to me.