Pathophysiology class online??

  1. Hi,
    Does anyone know of a school that offers pathophysiology as either online or distance learning? I'm trying to find a "cheaper" way of taking it since we can take it as a prereq.

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  3. by   partyof5
    hi, I'm not in st Louis but...Patho is a hard class! When I look back at Patho I think, it is more important to understand the material than to just get a good grade. Hope that makes sense. I took it on line (mind you, when I was doing my prereqs I took as many on line classes as I could) I recommend taking it in class. If I had it to do over again I would taken it in a class and ask around for opinions on a great instructor. I say this because i am now in my accelerated BSN program and that patho class is very important. A nursing student needs to be able to fall back on some of that knowledge. If anything.. of all the pre reqs I took, Patho is the one that is so important and anatomy falling in 2nd! good luck
  4. by   Daisy117
    I had Patho online for Fall semester and actually withdrew from it because I was not getting what I felt I would need out of it. I'm sure that there are many great online Patho classes out there, just make sure that it will actually teach you the information that you need to know. Good Luck!
  5. by   Annaiya
    The thing with online classes is often you get out of them what you put into them. If the instructor isn't requiring enough reading and homework you can always do that on your own. I took Patho online last semester and feel like I really learned a lot. We covered our entire text book and I thought the information in it was very good. So far I have taken 6 of my 9 prereqs online and I don't feel like they have been any different from an in person class in terms of amount learned. But I'm there to learn, not get by with as little work as possible.

    If you're looking for specific classes, ones in Minnesota can be searched at:
  6. by   jilliang
    I totally agree. Thanks for posting this website. I took 57 credits of my needed 63 online. I took Patho this semester as part of my accelerated nursing program ( in school) and I learned alot but not any more than I learned in my chemistries, A&P and etc... It is really all about what you put into it and I believe that is with ANY form of learning. I don't rely on my professor for learning. If you have the motivation and you can read you can learn ANYTHING! That is my philosophy though.
    Thanks again for posting this info.