Palm Beach State College Fall 2018 Nursing applications

  1. Just created this group for Palm Beach State College in Lake Worth, FL. I just wanted to see who all submitted a Nursing application for the fall of 2018. Which would be the June 1st deadline and start in August. I wanted to compare points with everyone else to kinda see where I'm standing and any information people have. I attended a couple information sessions this year and they discussed previous points for Fall and Spring. I have a 24.2 in total which is around average they said to aim for.

    Anyone else??? Would like to see what others got on HESI and total points

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  3. by   Munkee
    I applied. I got 93.18 cum/98 math on Hesi. My points I applied with are 24.82. I hope it is enough. We should know next week on Wednesday.
  4. by   ELohow
    Hi! 25.65, 94.45hesi/95.0 math Hopefully we find out by tomorrow!