OSU-OKC Spring 2018

  1. Hello everyone!

    I saw conversation threads from last semesters and thought that I would reach out to see if others had applied for the Spring 2018 Nursing Program at OSU-OKC. I would love to be able to chat with others as we all begin the big waiting game.

    I applied to OSU-OKC last week with 93 points and am finishing up my application for UCO!
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  3. by   helene.
    I applied with 71 points! I doubt I will get in this semester but I figured I should apply anyway. I will have all my prereqs done at the end of this year. I made a 77.3 on the TEAS test, which I'm fuming about. Only needed 0.7 points to be in the next point bracket ):
  4. by   Kenot
    I just applied too. I applied with 80 points. I made an 84.7 on my teas. I was also pretty upset because I was .3 away from getting 5 more points. The advisor told me it should take 4 or 5 weeks to find out if we made it or not
  5. by   Applejack
    Hey! I applied! I only have 78 points so we will see, and I also haven't finished physio or micro yet either. The adviser told me to go ahead and apply and I may make the wait list. If not, I'll have 88 points after taking Physio this semester and will surely get in next time. (I'll be taking Micro in the spring if I dont get in, or in the summer if I do!) By reading previous posts about acceptance letters, it seems like nobody ever finds out until mid Nov. What a long wait.
  6. by   KelBell17
    Well guys, I'm super disappointed that they extended the deadline, but the email Gaytra sent out this week said that we should get our letters mid-October!! Let's hope it's really that quick!!
  7. by   Applejack
    I have read up in previous threads here with students applying in previous semesters that they didn't get letters until Nov, but we're told sooner. I am not holding my breath on their quoted time frame.
  8. by   Applejack
    and I just realized I already said this in my previous post lol Sorry for sounding like a broken record!
  9. by   helene.
    They extended the deadline? For appying?
  10. by   Applejack
    yes ma'am !
  11. by   helene.
    wow.. sure am glad I hurried and took the TEAS and didn't have as much time to study... thats fair *sarcasm*
  12. by   Kenot
    Maybe that means they didn't have many applying so we might have a better chance?
  13. by   Applejack
    I had heard that (and she sent out an email pretty much saying the same thing) that it was extended because online it said October 1 somewhere and someone threw a stink about it and so they had to honor it. I asked around and only know one other person who applied, and they said the same thing, so I was thinking maybe the applicant count was low too. BUT, another friend of mine went in to talk to Gaytra and said there were A LOT of people in there waiting to talk to her and filling out applications. Who knows. On another topic... have either of you taken Micro yet?? I am taking physiology now, and all I will have left is Micro after this. If I get accepted to start the program in the spring I'll have to take it in the summer, which I am already stressed out about lol I took Chem this past summer and I told myself never again! I am almost tempted to just reject an acceptance letter so I could have one more semester to do Mirco in 16 weeks (along with a few other classes that I can apply towards my BSN) If you guys have taken it I was curious if you took it in 16 weeks or 8 and how was it?
  14. by   Kenot
    I took micro this summer and loved it. I took it at OCCC and made an A. Lots of work and studying but it is manageable.