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  1. Just wondering if anyone knows of a school that offers an online general chemistry this winter. I am trying to start an accelerated track in January and they are not accepting the Chemistry I was going to transfer in.
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  3. by   mmc51264
    Some schools won't accept an online lab course. I did an online A&P and one school that I applied to wouldn't accept it. Some comm colleges have an online class, They send you all the lab materials. A&P was fun that way. My kids loved it. I had to video myself with webcam to do my dissections.
  4. by   meanmaryjean
    You might reach out to the school and get suggestions. They are the final authority on what they will accept after all.
  5. by   xxstarrynitesxx
    I just want to second meanmaryjean and mmc51264. The school you want to do your program at may be able to give you some suggestions as to avoid taking another class they may not accept. I would suggest perhaps even going a step above that if you want to further your education. I know some ADN programs in particular that will accept online science courses for their students. However, when many students wanted to get their BSN or higher, they found themselves having to retake those classes as the other programs did not accept them. Just an extra word of warning as you prep for the accelerated program if you want to pursue higher degrees.
  6. by   kelleyb1203
    The school I took my previous in sciences at actually doesn't denote that it was taken online so all my courses transferred. They just don't offer the class I need when I need it so I wanted to look into other options
  7. by   VinoLover2030
    I did Edukan for chemistry, microbiology 125/credit hour. Private message me if you'd like details
  8. by   VinoLover2030
    I went to Ohio University to get my BSN and had no issues. You will get software to do your lab work. It wasn't super easy but it wasn't extremely difficult either