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Im thinking of taking 4 online classes during Spring Semester, is that crazy? Has anyone here ever done it? The reason why I have to is because my new boss isn't willing to work with our school... Read More

  1. by   Momto5kids
    I am taking 1 online class right now and that is Medical Terminology. It is all laid out for me right there with dates for the material to learn and dates of the exams. There is no suprises for me at all. Usually I have 3-4 chapters to read and study then there is an exam. There is only 1 exam every month which is cool with me. To the chapters I get about 3-4 weeks to read them. Next semester I'm taking 3 online classes. I have 5 kids, 3 are in school full time, but the 2 little ones I have at home I need to be here for. Daycare is way too expensive for me. So I want to get as many online classes I can before having to leave the nest. It is all about time management just like a previous poster said.