Online Chem& 121

  1. I'm really struggling to find an online Chem& 121, Into to Chem, class. Anyone have any suggestions? Willing to pay out of state tuition but I am in Washington.

    Online is really my only option at this point and one of the last few classes I need.

    Thank you!
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  3. by   FutureNurseInfo
    Do you need a lab part of it, too?
  4. by   and12
    Yes, need the lab online as well. For a 5 credit class. Thanks!
  5. by   anr2017
    Portage learning has an online general chemistry course with a lab. I'm not sure if it will fulfill the requirements you need, but there's a copy of the syllabus on their website. It's relatively cheap too and official transcripts are through Geneva College, so a lot of places accept it.
  6. by   and12
    I'll look into it! Thanks!