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  1. Hi Everyone,
    I am thinking about applying to some of the accelerated programs in Ohio(UC Accelerated MSN, Wright State Beacon, or Mt. St. Joseph MN) . I am concerned about financing the programs though. Currently still have 14k from undergrad, but really need to make a career change. I know that Mt. St. Joseph is like 35K. I emailed the director and she said that they do not offer scholarships. So I was wondering what kind of financial aid package they would offer. Is it all loans? What about those of you that go to UC or WSU? Anyone in the UC MSN been awarded the Yates fellowship or any other type of aid other than all loans? Also how do you like the program? Do you feel that you will be well prepared to start working?

    BTW- I have considered just doing the associates program at Cincinnati State. Has anyone truly had to wait 3 years on the waiting list to start the clinical sequence?

    Thanks in advance for your input.
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  3. by   Megsd
    I'm in BEACON. BEACON has a deal with Miami Valley Hospital for a stipend in exchange for 1-2 years of employment (which isn't a big deal to me -- I want to work there anyway). It used to be open to everyone, now it's competitive. 9 or 10 people from my class got it this year. The total tuition is around 13k. I managed to get a small subsidized loan that pays about 1/3 of that, and I use my MVH money for the rest. I wound up taking a private loan out first quarter to pay for living expenses because MVH didn't give me the money until the end of September, and tuition was due in August.

    I am finishing my second quarter (of 5) and so far I am enjoying it. We usually have our own section of every class so all 23 of us are in the same classes, and that's it. So we get a lot of personal attention from faculty from the small class size. So far I feel I am being well prepared to start working. The last class graduated in November and I have seen some of them on orientation on our clinical floor. They all seem glad to have done the program.

    Let me know if you have any other questions regarding BEACON.
  4. by   NewDeb07
    Thanks for the info Meghan. How was the interview process? Did you finish all of your prereqs before applying? Also as far as the MVH stipend, will they only cover about 2/3's the cost or will they cover 100% for the longer service agreement?
  5. by   Megsd
    For my class, I interviewed in late-January, was accepted in February, and started in September. They have just changed the start dates to March, but application date is the same, so you pretty much HAVE to have your prereqs done before you apply (or be finishing them during winter quarter).

    The interview was some situational questions, how I solve problems, how I handle working with diversity (there's a big diversity/cultural competence emphasis), why I wanted to go into nursing, etc.

    The stipend is 10K for 1 year or 20K for 2 years. Which is enough to cover school, but not necessarily living expenses. If you take the stipend you are not supposed to work while you're in school, so other financial aid will probably be necessary. I was also told by HR people at Good Samaritan Hospital (Dayton) that if there was a position there I'd rather have, they would buy out my MVH contract and I would owe the time to them instead. Most people I know took the 2 years, but a few took the 1 year (especially if they were military families, since they couldn't guarantee they would be here for two years).
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    Quote from NewDeb07
    Hi Everyone,
    So I was wondering what kind of financial aid package they would offer. Is it all loans? What about those of you that go to UC or WSU? Anyone in the UC MSN been awarded the Yates fellowship or any other type of aid other than all loans? <snip>
    Thanks in advance for your input.
    I was told at a UC Accelerated Pathway seminar that grants are made based solely on your GRE score (not GPA). Cutoff was ~1100 - if you got above that , you got some $$$.
  7. by   CRNA2BKY
    If you are willing to look in the Cincinnati area, then you may want to consider Northern Kentucky University, as they have an accelerated BSN program. NKU is in the Greater Cincinnati area; their ABSN program is 18 months long, and the tuition is quite inexpensive (compared to some private schools, that is.) I am currently in it, and I am enjoying the program. One of the nearby hospitals offers a full scholarship also, so that makes financing the program pretty simple. Just something to consider.
  8. by   NewDeb07
    Everyone thanks for the info.

    CrufflerJJ how do you like the pace of the program. How many people are in the program?

    MegsD - How long is the orientation before the quarter starts?