Nursing Day VS Nursing Night Pre-requistes

  1. Hi everybody, I'm a student at Bergen Community College in NJ. I will finish my ALP classes in fall 2018, and I want to apply for Nursing. I'm confusing about which Pre -requisite I have to take for Nursing.Is the nursing day is the same as night? And how long ganna take to finish it ? Please help me I'm really new in this;also, I have 2 kids under 5 years old to take care of.
    Thank you
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  3. by   caliotter3
    If you can't find the information on the school's website, then you should talk to a nursing advisor in person at the school.
  4. by   verene
    I'm not sure what you are asking about... Does the school you are looking at offer both a full-time day program and a full-time or part-time evening program? I'd assume pre-reqs are going to be the same between each program but clarify with your school. This information is likely available on the program website however it may help to meet with an adviser at the school to plan out a course of study for your pre-req courses and get your questions about the programs answered.
  5. by   kati2020
    Thank you guys, My college offer nursing day program and Nursing evening program. I check it the online information, and it said that

    college substiutions are : CHM100,BIO109, mat040 for the day program .The deadline is February 1st.

    For evening program,college substtitutions is CHM100 AND college prerequisisite courses are: MAT040, BIO109, BIO209,WRT101,WRT201,PSY101,PSY106,SOC101.The deadline is October 1st. SO, what is all mean ??? sorry guys I m really confused. for example ,nursing day program I have to take just the 3 classes CHM100.BIO109,MAT040 before to apply for nursing?
  6. by   Gentleman_nurse
    I was curious so I checked the website. The evening program is part time so you need to have your liberal arts classes completed before you take nursing classes. The day program is full time so you can take them together.

    The recommended sequence for a full time day student is extremely heavy. I'm sure it has a high drop out rate. If you pursue that option, get a tutor or form a study group starting the first day!