nursing career info. websites?

  1. Hi, I was just wondering if you all could recommend any websites that compare and contrast information specific to various nursing specialties. I would like to learn more about working in NICU, working as a CRNA or NP, as well as other areas and areas of focus. I want to be able to find out what the responsibilities, typical income, and any other relevant information.
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    pursuing nursing as a career

    american association of colleges of nursing (aacn)
    aacn has put together some great tools to help people considering a future in nursing find programs, plan their careers and locate financial help. there is also a list of schools offering baccalaureate and masters degrees in nursing.

    the american nursing association
    this site provides useful information on planning a career in nursing, including what a nursing job entails, licensing, nursing
    specialties and how to fund your training.

    national student nurses association:
    is nursing for you?

    national league for nursing:careers

    nurses for a healthier tomorrow

    career profiles:

    discover nursing

    nursing spectrum
    has very detailed information on the various types of nursing positions, including descriptions of job responsibilities, career alternatives and breakdowns of nursing specialties.
    this magazine site has a detailed list of the career tracks available within nursing. once you view a particular profession, this site provides links to the appropriate certification board for information on licensing and education, as well as links to relevant articles from the magazine for that nursing specialty.

    nursing specialty areas:

    allnurses links:

    discover nursing: specialites

    sigma thea tau: honor society of nursing
    specialty nursing organizations

    us nursing career outlook:

    a starting source to learn about nursing careers, future growth trends and pay scales for different types of nurses, review the us department of labor's occupational outlook handbook:

    nih website helps students, others explore health careers

    [font=arial, helvetica]3/16/04
    the national institutes of health has launched a web site designed to help middle and high school students explore the diversity of health care careers. the lifeworks site features information on more than 100 health and medical careers. users can browse or search for information based on interest area, salary, education or other criteria, and read about real people who have achieved success in their careers. the site, created by nih's office of science education, also serves as a resource for parents, educators and school guidance and career counselors. it can be found at
    also see the registered nurse information page.
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    Hello, first time user here but my advice is to find a headhunter and they can let you know a lot about what the hodpitals and hiring supervisors are looking for.
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    Wow! Thinks for the resources!
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    Thanks so much for all the links. Now, if I can just tear myself away from here to go look at them! LOL! I am addicted and I just joined this morning. (I'm figuring once I start school I won't have any time to be here so I'll enjoy it while I can!)
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    where do ya'll post your job listings? We're looking to bring in more people to work here and we'd like to extend the reach beyond industry specific sites. I think would be a good start. Does anyone have experience with this?
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    great link!

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    Great links! Now I can do some research myself! :hatparty:
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    I didn't see the most important link. (american association of nurse anesthetists)
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    ooh, these are all very helpful. I'll save them to my favorites.

    thanks all.
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    WOW thanks 4 those links
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    hello im amy harris im 14 and really want to be a nurse may u give me some good advice on what i can take and do for now to help me befor becoming a nurse and some info on nursing please get back to me as soon as possible many thanx amy.:wink2: