Nurse Entrance Test

  1. I need help on what to study for the NET test. What are good books to purchase to prepare me?? How long do I need to prepare for the test?
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  3. by   Jessy_RN

    I invite you to do a search on the site as there are so many useful threads full of information.

    Good luck to you!
  4. by   NavyWife
    There is actually a book that comes from the NET company that is the best I could reccomend. Here is a link to one on ebay

    Everything in this book is designed just as the test is. Best of luck to you!

    As far as prep time, it is all according to the skills you have already. It basically goes up to pre-al in the math part, but concentrates a lot on percentages and fractions.
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  5. by   BeachPrincess
    Thanks everyone
  6. by   autumnd

    Does anyone live in the Sacramento/Northern California/Bay Area of California and know where NET exams are offered?

    I need to take a NET exam this month to make an application deadline. I signed up for one June 25 but have a schedule conflict because I just got into a school for this fall that is 2 years long (Associate Degree) and their orientation is that week. The school I am applying to (Samuel Merritt) only has so many dates for exams on their campuses. I am applying there because the school is in the town I live and is accelerated (one year long! and Bachelor).

    I don't know where else NET is offered. I know that some schools require entrance exams, and it's either NET or TEAS. I need to take the NET somewhere else that has more dates availalbe for this month so I can have a score to submit with my application.

    I would greatly appreciate any help anyone can provide!!!!
  7. by   Elena33
    HI dboop! I actually found out a month ago that I was accepted into Samuel Merritt's ABSN program (in San Francisco). Classes start for me in Oct and it's only 1 year!!!

    As far as the NET, I actually thought it wasn't all that bad! I got an 88% composite score, actually getting 100% in the math and 76% on the Reading Comprehension(study for this part). Anyway, the way to go is with the book on the website below. It's called Hobbet help something or other, but I swear it's so similar to the test it's worth every penny! There's 2 practice test in the end that are good to study from. Read the book cover to cover and understand it, and you'll do great!
    That's the website where I bought the book for the NET.

    Also, I actually re-scheduled taking the exam 4 times because of other things I had going on. I called the ERI phone # 913-362-4600 to re-schedule them. I'm pretty sure they hold that test in many places in CA, so I would call and ask if you could take it at another campus and have your grade forwarded to SMC. It takes about 2-3 weeks to get the results in the mail, so make sure you do it in time for the application deadline (since you write it on the application itself, and I actually included a copy of mine in the application packet).

    If you have any other questions leave me a PM!

    P.S. When I talked to the admissions lady at SMC-Lizzie Mayo, she had told me that the NET score is actually really important in grouping/eliminating candidates, then GPA, then rec letters and also the personal statement. I literally had the min score of GPA for both overall and I think the NET was my biggest helper!

    Good Luck!!!
  8. by   *Blessed2BaNRS*

    check out this website:

    this is so much better than the eri study guide. i spent $30 on the guide, and wish i had known about this site instead!! it is set up just like the net test is (questionwise) and was such a huge help (even after the fact!!) i had taken the test before i saw this site posted on here, and went to check it out, and was so impressed. i had done some research before buying the study guide, but didn't come across anything. for me, the book was a total waste of money.

    good luck on the test, and just relax. it is just basic math and reading, but know that there is some science on there.
  9. by   mommiembd23
    Most colleges will tell you the book to study from, and I heard that one should study for a least one semester (but don't quote me)...good luck!
  10. by   seaside26
    Hello ALL
    I am new to Allnurses site.I am excited that I joined.I am taking the Net TEST Sept.5-I just pray I do well.I am hoping to begin Nursing School in JAN.I have been studying for two months.I am good at math,but I am a bit nervous about the reading comprehension.Any advice would be greatly appreciated-thank you all very much in advance.