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  1. Has anyone been through this program? I passed the assessment test and will be starting the Nursing Fund. course in a few weeks, AFTERWARDS there's an interview screening process and I'm more worried about that because I believe it's based on a points system. I have a few college credits but I don't think it's enough to accumulate enough points. Some hospital volunteer experience, but I don't know if that counts. I don't see myself getting enough points to officially get IN the LVN Program. If anyone knows anything about this program especially if you have been through it, your advice would be so much appreciated. Thank you!
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    i came from long beach city college, i didnt feel qualified either, since i wasnt "bread" there...they like to take their own students but a good amount of college credit, and a good interview can always sway them to take a chance on you. I was an alternate in june 2008 - i just graduated july 17, 2009...its a rigourous far one of the best..check out our scores on the bvnpt

    ask for betty at Nocrop, say Neil sent ya!
    best of luck!
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    Hi Oceanz, can you tell me your experience at NOCROP for fundamentals 1? I would appreciate anything you could give me the heads up on. I am due to started in Feb.2010. thank you