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  1. hi!! i'm signed up to take the nln exam in feb. i was wondering if anyone had any advice on how to ace the test, or any good websites that have study guides, etc. on them. i would greatly appreciate the help, because i am a nervous wreck over the test . thank you so much! :icon_bigg
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    thank you so much. i really appreciate the help!!
  5. by   ERWING
    I took the NLN Pax-RN exam last august and studied the PAX-RN reviewer by NLN. It gave me the basics in math. You need to study and practice a lot in Math since I found it the hard way. scored 30 out of 40 match questions and did OK but I had to guess on the last 10 questions since I run out of time.

    For the science portion, I used the AP reviewers for Biology, Physics, and Chemistry. Make sure you borrow the text books for these subjects from the library to get more in depth explanation since these reviewers only give you the outline.

    Hope this helps.
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    thank you so much!! :spin:
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    hello i'm a semester away from clinicals and i have to take the nln test can anyone give me some advice on whats on the test and whats the best study material
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    Just finished taking the NLN exam at 8:47 tonight.
    English section is relatively easy. There were a few words that you will not know (no one will nor should they care to know).
    The math section was easy; know-know-know percentages, fractions and decimals. Very little algebra or geometry and it is was basic stuff.
    The science section had a lot of biology and for some wierd reason; a lot of electrical/ohm questions. We all guessed at a ton in the science section.

    I think I did well overall. Our school only looks at the English section, but you need to be in the top 15th percentile.