NLN A&P Exam

  1. Hello everyone,
    I am scheduled to take the NLN A&P exam soon. I took A&P last fall, but missed the final (sick). I had a B grade before the final. I remember some stuff, but still. How should I study? go over all 1000 pages of the text book? are there any study guides? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks and good luck!
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  3. by   semuller
    YES for anatomy and Physiology
    Lippincot and wilkinsHas an and &p Visual Papid review"guide for self testing and memorization.@nd edition.It is amazing.A lifetime keeper I think.well worth the 40 bucks.Gor it at Borders.
  4. by   semuller
    evidently my post didnt go thru.YES there is a rapid review anatomy and physiology,A guide for self test and memorization by Lippincott and wilkens.2nd edition.It is visual..concise succinct..and a life time keeper..well worth the cost of 40 dollars.Found it at borders.Good luck
  5. by   semuller
    Edited my typos ..didnt realize it would post twice.Please be patient with me.I am electronically impaired and this is only my second year of self learned computer and still kind of bad at it.
  6. by   new2this101
    Thanks...i just got the book. Should i just memorize the entire thing. i have heard that there are no diagrams or pics. so what is on the exam? function questions?
  7. by   semuller
    Well I amnot sure what is on your.I am taking the HESSI LPN - RN entry exam.But as far as A&p, ita all pretty much the same.You kneed to know it.The hormones.the functions, the cranial nerves the feedback systems..all of it. Ask your prof it is comprehensive or not?
  8. by   dolphin2027
    I didn't have AP before I took NLN. I just studied the basic study guide for nln and made 99% on science. not much on body parts. Mostly general biology and chemistry.
  9. by   adutt
    Hello everyone,
    I am scheduled to take the NLN A&P exam in a few months. Can anyone give me an idea of what is on the exam and what is the best way to study for it? The NLN does not have a study guide? Does anyone recommend one? Thank you for any help you can give me.
  10. by   Twinkle toez
    Adutt, did you take the exam yet? I have mine on January 26, I'm about 1/3 the way thru my A&P book, reading cover to cover.
  11. by   gwstudent
    Twinkle Toez did you get your resultls from the exam yet? How was the exam did you think it was easy?
  12. by   Twinkle toez
    Yes, in January, its taken me this long to recover. I did a lot better than I expected. I ended up with 87% overall, I only needed 75%. Some of it was way beyond me & some of it was really simple. I had no idea what to expect. My test was 120 ?'s but only 100 were scored, (don't know which ones). It was all multiple choice, no labeling.
  13. by   Jirv247
    Hi Twinkle toez, I am scheduled to take the A&P nln exam in march, is there any advice you can supply me with as far as preperation for the exam goes? I'm extremely nervous about this exam and I want to do well.
  14. by   Twinkle toez
    Know the basics of all the body systems. It didn't go into the really major complexities. There were some clinical focus ?'s that I wasn't prepared for. I studied by reading my A & P text cover to cover. I based my studying on the practice tests in the book & online, but I found that to be too in depth and overwhelming. My best advice is to be really solid on the basics.