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]Hey everyone, I am planning on attending NCCC this fall for nursing (extended track) and was wondering if anyone who has gone to school there can give me the heads up on what to expect. What are the... Read More

  1. by   Angelic RN
    I had a nightmare of a clinical instructor with the initials P.P back in 2000, she was PURE EVIL!!!!!!!! You have to be careful if your a pretty girl with any confidence, they will try and break you down. Kind of what you should be looking forward to when you graduate and work on the floor, bunch of craZy woman. GOOD LUCK!!!!
  2. by   wannabenk
    I attended NCCC and got thru Nursing II when my father was diagnosed with Liver cancer on April 25, 2010 and passed away on the day of my final (which I failed, of course) May 12, 2010. I guess when I look back now I find that a blessing in disquise. I am now attending Erie 1 BOCES for LPN school and will be graduating October 4, 2010. I found NCCC to be a very thorough learning experience. What I mean to say is when you graduate from there you come out of there knowing your stuff. The instructors were great and knew their stuff when I was there. They did make some changes, they made it so that the teachers had to have their Bachelor or Masters. I don't remember which it was. I think that nurses who have Associates degress are much more on top of the skills and information needed to be taught. I had a clinical instructor once (not at NCCC) that had her bachelors and masters and did not work in the direct nursing field, she was a coordinator for a department. She did clinical instructing because she enjoyed helping the students learn but when you would ask her questions like what is blood pressure or something like that she would not really be able to answer it.