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  1. Hi, I was looking around the web and found this site. Trying hard to find information for a class in Math & dosage calculations for medical careers. I am excited about learning and one day hope to become an RN, I am almost there. This math class is killing me, if anyone has any suggestions for extra help, websites, books, etc., I would love the info. Thanks
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  3. by   catzy5
    I am not sure what book or class you are taking now but when I first got started I picked up a book called "all the math you will ever need to know" by Slavin It was a great help in all the basics that you will need for nursing I did all the problems cover to cover and got my feet back in the game. I sense went on and took all the algebra courses I needed for the programa and dosage calculation classes getting A's in all of them. This is comming from someone who never had anything higher then Basic math in my schooling years.
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    What areas are you having trouble with?