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  1. Hello everyone!

    I'm so very glad I found these forums. I found a pregnancy forum website when I got pregnant with my daughter and it helped me so much so now that I'm taking another big step in life and going back to school I know these forums will be a huge asset to me.

    I am planning on starting back to college in the Spring semester at HFCC. I attended years ago but could never make up my mind on what I wanted to do. So after an almost 9 year break I've decided to get my Associates in Nursing. 3 of the classes I took way back when, Eng 131, 132 and Psy 131 still count so I don't have to take them.

    I'm scared silly but also so very excited to be going back. I have alot of support, my mom is a RN and my Uncle has his Masters in Nursing. I'll be taking 1 class a semester and should have what I need to get on the wait list at the end of the Winter 08 semester and I'll have my prereqs finished by the Winter 09 semester, if everything goes as planned. I work full-time now but plan to quit my job when I get into the Nursing program so I can focus on school and still have time for my now 18 month old daughter.

    Again, I'm so glad to have found this place. I tend to ask tons of questions about everything so having people going through the same classes and situations as me will be such a blessing.

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  3. by   muffie

    and best of luck to you
  4. by   morningstarRN
    I too am starting pre-reqs this summer. I hope to have them finished within a year and half or so.

    I wish us both luck in our studies and look forward to chatting with everyone here.
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    Welcome! This site is great.
  6. by   Jilaweez
    Glad you joined us!