NET exam question???

  1. Sorry if I or someone else asked this question already, but how did you do on the NET exam? What does it consist of?? How can I prepare for it??? WHat were your scores , if you don't mind me asking????
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  3. by   EricJRN

    One of the best ways to find information on this site is to use the Search function. If you look at the gray toolbar at the top right of each page and click on 'Help' then 'Search', you can look for various phrases. Searching 'NET' or 'NET exam' should turn up several responses. I know it's been discussed here quite a bit.

    Best of luck to you!
  4. by   NRSNFL
    Yes there are a ton more threads.....but to answer your question.....I scored in the 98th percentile. Some are all computer based, some are not depending upon your school. Your best bet is to buy a study guide (I got mine from the local Barnes and Nobles) and just read up on anything you haven't taken lately (those darn fractions I thought would kill me). Good luck and let us know how you did.
  5. by   Daytonite
    each nursing school that requires the net administers the net exam to it's students. if you know which school you will be taking the net test at, you should ask them for information about the test or see if they have published any information about it on their website. otherwise, there is no internet site for the net. you can, however, find some information about it at this site: - test prep review. free practice tests for net and teas as well on many other college entrance exams.