Need to vent-scored a 70...

  1. I scored a 70 on my 4th A&P II test today. I was so disappointed and furious with myself I wanted to cry. I made a 99, 96, and 93 on my other 3 tests. I barely studied for this test(procrastinating more than usual and my job hours switched drastically), but I have no excuse and I'm just p!ssed at myself. I know they will drop my lowest test score but I'm worried my overall grade will be effected. I'll just have to do exceptionally well on the last test and final. Just needed to Chanel my frustrations! Lol
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  3. by   violetgirl
    Yes, I think you are a bit too hard on yourself, as you said, this test can be dropped.
    So, just forget about it and more forward and shine again on this last upcoming test as you have done
    the others. Look's like with the grades that you already have an A so far... Right? Be happy that your instructor
    will drop the lowest test, most do not. Many blessings to you!!!! Keep Positive!!!!

    PS: A 70% grade with no studying is pretty good!
  4. by   zoe92
    I know how disappointing it can be but just continue to work hard and learn from this low grade. That is great for you that they drop the lowest test grade. All of your other scores are excellent, so it is obvious you are a hard worker.
  5. by   sjtrk
    Try not to beat yourself up too bad. I did the same thing on my last A&P 1 test, I'd had all 90's on lecture exams and all 100% on lab practicals and quiz's and then bam, a 76. I did the same thing, life got busy, I didn't study, hadn't even read the chapters actually, just had to study my note outlines the teacher gave us. It sucks but at least you can have that test dropped. I can't so it lowered my grade to low 90's average. Puts a little more stress on for my last test, last lab practical and finals but obviously it can be done when I actually study. On the flip side I think being so harsh on yourself will aid you in performing excellent on your last exams. At least it does for me. Chin up! : )
  6. by   SaraMC
    I know I'm being harsh on myself but I have to lol thanks for the positivity and reassurance!
  7. by   oceanise
    If you know why you didn't do well on this test, just focus on how you can do better on the next test, like set aside more time to study or whatever. If the lowest grade is dropped, I wouldn't dwell on it so much because you still have a chance to do very well in this class. I can understand your disappointment though... but you did great on all your other tests, and I'm sure you'll do better on your remaining exams. It'll all work out. Good luck!