Need some motivation or a kick in the ass for upcoming school year

  1. Hey everyone, so I am going to do Nursing. I am currently 19 and a CNA at an awesome hospital in Jersey. It is great experience and everytime I come home, I have stories to tell my family and friends. I am going to finish my pre req classes (basically the A&P and sciences and math that I have left). So I should be ready for nursing school next fall. I am taking summer courses (A&P I and then Psych human life span) the first semester. I just need some motivation from someone because I am going to have to hate dedicating all of my time into studying for these classes but I want to do well. The A&P professor I heard was an ******* and I am dreading the start of school next week. I also feel like I will miss out on alot of social time with family and friends (especially my boyfriend). Out of all my friends, I have been doing the best because I get paid $16 an hour already and Im only 19 and they are at part time jobs and have yet to decide what they want to do with there life. I understand school comes first, then work, then friends but its so hard to tell myself that. Please give me motivation or your experiences of balancing your school vs everything else. The nurses at the hospital keep telling me I am great and that I have good initiative and that will take me far but its just very hard to push myself to my limit because I can get lazy and times and hang with the wrong people
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  3. by   upstatenygirl
    I have been motivated by a lot of discussion threads in this forum. I think you should read some threads in the "students" forum and you will see that a lot of people have had the same feelings and worries as you and have achieved many goals.
  4. by   irishmama721
    I too have been getting a ton of motivation from this site. And one of my favorite quotes (which I think I just posted on another thread this morning) is keeping me going too: "One half of knowing what you want is knowing what you must give up before you get it." -- Sidney Howard.

    And just remember that it's only temporary. Nursing school will end. Do what you have to in order to get where you want to be.
  5. by   janiebee
    Motivation will come from within

    With that said, try to see your education as part of the big picture.. you may be sacrificing some personal/social time to study hard now, but think of where it will lead you in the future!
  6. by   hdawnRN
    If you're going into nursing, I can promise you that once you get accepted into nursing school, the course load is much greater than that of your pre-reqs. If you're needing motivation for the pre-reqs you'll need it 10 fold for nursing school. I hope you find it if that's what you're really wanting to do!

    Just remember that every step you take is inching you one bit closer to the end goal, so those steps have to be grand and purposeful. Otherwise, you might definitely fall short.
  7. by   TamTam23
    all of you are very right and i know that the hard studying that i do will make me feel better about my future and that if i can conquer all of these classes, then i definetely know i have what it takes to achieve my goals
  8. by   JenWork
    remember what inspired you to become a CNA and fostered that drive to pursue nursing! taking care of my grandma has inspired me to become a nurse and this website has provided me alot of motivation from other fellow nurses and aspiring students! If your passion about school, it will come naturally!