need info on the nln!!

  1. I am going to take the nln this friday and was wondering if anyone could give me some info. on what to study for. I am not able to get the nln study guide, so is there anything else that i could study. I heard it had alot of medical terminology, reading problems(english) and algebra on it, is that true? If anyone can help, please!
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  3. by   zenurse
    Hello. I'm studying to take the NLN next month. It is a three-part test--the verbal part tests on reading and vocabulary, the math part contains a bit of algebra but most of the practice questions involve fractions, decimals, percents, ratios..., and the science part has a little bit of everything--botany, bio, micro, a & p, and an annoying amount of physics!

    I'm using the study guide and doing an hour or so every day, just to review, mostly...

    Hope this helps, and best of luck!!:spin:
  4. by   shippoRN
    Can you maybe check out your local library to see if they have a copy???
  5. by   xt1
    yeah, I'd check with your local library. Mine had 3 different books for the entrance exam and grabbed all three. I suggest studing the math and science... the math is very basic if you've had any math classes in college you should do fine if not then just study up on some basic algebra. I would spend most of my time studying the science sections of the guides. The vocabulary will most likely be the hardest part but at this point I suggest not even studying for the vocab because there's no way your going to memorize enough words by friday to make much of a difference but you can go through the science sections and skip the stuff you already know and focus on what you dont which will help you out alot on the test. Some of the guides have math sections that are much harder than what was actually on the test the math section in the guide put out by the NLN people will suffice. I didn't study vocab at all and just did the best I could on it. I studied the math and science sections for a month prior to taking the test working out all the problems in the study guide and focusing on what I wasn't familiar with. I made a 98% on the Computer Aided Test.
  6. by   Ltorres5351
    as for myself i took the nln about 1 month ago and scored a composite score of 101. which is a 53. i don't know how much you need to get but i do suggest to remeber your antonyms, synonyms, prefix, nouns, adjectives for those hard words that we never put to use in our vocabulary. for math get a elementary math book. you will have lots of fractions, percentages, arithmatic,perimiters, area, volume also focus on science.... u will do well

  7. by   JDLAStew
    For the math, I found a website called that goes over fractions, decimals, ratios, etc. There is also

    This has different sections with different math, science, reading, vocab. questions. The math seemed harder on this site than in the NLN book so I'm hoping the NLN book is more like the math.

    Hope this helps. I'm taking it Saturday!!
  8. by   TnT's mama
    where can you take the practice test on the computer for the nln? if you know the website will you let me know? THANKS for all the info. it is very helpful!