Need help sorting this out...

  1. I am surely driving my friends crazy (girls who know who you are, close your eyes!) with my questions and want to hear more ideas to help me sort things out. I like to share the crazy.

    1. I have completed all of the requirements for ADN programs in my area. It was recommended by the counselors if I need time to kill (ha!) I should do pharmacology (finish by end of ADN semester 1) and a physical education (finish by end of ADN semester 4). I can do them this Fall if I choose... or save for Spring.
    2. I have completed most of the requirements to transfer to a BSN program with the exception of: US History, Chemistry (intro to general organic, inorganic, biochem), and College Algebra. I can do them this Fall if I choose... or save for Spring.
    3. I can do a hybrid of both in Fall, for example: pharm, PE, history. Save chem, algebra from Spring.
    GOAL: MSN (APRN- CNM). I can do BSN to MSN-CNM. Or I can do ADN-MSN w/CNM bridge. So the route doesn't matter because I can get there one way or another.

    If this were you, what order would you do things? Number 1 first or number 2 first? Or number 3? I'm having a hard time with figuring this piece out and wondering if it really matters.
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  3. by   Hazel11
    I would personally finish the pre-reqs for the BSN first. I know an RN with an associate's degree who plans to get her MSN as a nurse practitioner, and she still needs to those classes you are thinking of doing (i.e. Chemistry, College Algebra, etc.) Those pre-reqs will also help your GPA in the long run because it gives you a good, solid foundation for your nursing courses/clinicals. Just my . Good luck with whatever you decide to do! :spin: