Need advice, please help! Regarding CSULB nursing program...

  1. Thank you so much to anyone reading this right now...I really appreciate it!

    I am a current sophomore at CSULB and would like to apply to their nursing program for Spring 2010. The application period, I believe, is August 1 through September 15.

    I calculated my points to be 8.697 points on their 10 point scale:
    - My science GPA consists of two A's (Anatomy and Physio) and two B's (Micro and Chem)
    - My TEAS score is decent, in the mid 80's for both math and general
    - My general GPA consists of three A's (taken at CSULB) and one B (AP course credit in high school, in which I earned a "B" both semesters)

    The thing is, I believe I am borderline (if even that) when it comes to getting into the program, based on the Application Pool Stats. By the way, does anyone know if these stats apply to all qualified applicants, or just the ones accepted?

    Here's what I plan to do for sure to raise my points:
    - Take the TEAS again

    Here are other options to raise my points:
    - Take Micro again. Since the "B" in Micro has not yet been transferred from the community college I took it at, I can take Micro again at another college, over the summer.
    - Or take the English class over the summer. Since it is listed only as "CR" in my transcript, I can take another class to override that grade (at least according to Academic Advising).

    And here's where it gets tricky and perhaps somewhat random:

    I really want to do the Disney College Program, which takes place from May 2009 to the beginning of January 2010. If I do this program, it would end right before the Spring '10 nursing program. I would not be able to take any summer courses, but I can take courses over the fall (nothing applicable to nursing though, since I will already have turned in my application by then). Here's the info about the program, in case anyone wants to see it: Disney College Program

    The main reason I want to do this is for the experience. I've always wanted to work at Disney and never got the opportunity until now. If I don't do it now, I may never get a chance, at least not for a long time. I feel justified in wanting to do it because it seems like a good way to better myself in many ways (along with work and pay, they have a couple of courses they offer). I also feel like this is a good way to add more flair to my life, sorta like a last fling before the trials of the nursing program. :P

    Anyway, my main concern right now is having a chance of getting into the nursing program. Since I will be taking the TEAS, I expect my 8.697 points will go up a bit. Should I take Micro again, or take English again? Or should I go for my dream of working for Disney over the summer and through the fall?

    Any advice is greatly appreciated
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  3. by   SierraMoon
    If you really want to work at Disney, then go do it. If you don't get into your program, you can always try again.

    What would regret more, not working for Disney at this time or not getting into the nursing program for Spring?
  4. by   proteuspsych
    Thanks for the input. Although I'm currently still undecided, I feel more at ease with the encouragement. As of now, I'm not sure what I would regret more...I have until Tuesday to decide whether or not I'm doing the Disney program.
  5. by   doily
    Not sure if you have already heard, but I just found out today and wanted to inform you while I'm here. This really sucks as I, too, was planning on applying next year:
    "Due to the continuing California budget crisis, CSUs are not accepting transfer applications for Spring 2010. Therefore, to be considered for Spring 2010 admission, applicants must be continuing CSULB students. The School of Nursing regrets that it will not be allowed to consider non CSULB students for the Spring 2010 admission cycle."
  6. by   doily
    Oh, wait! I just read that you are currently a CSULB student. Very nice! Well, best of luck to you then.