My it really coming true at SCCC?

  1. So, I cant believe I am actually writing this. I got my acceptance letter today at Suffolk County Community College. I cant believe it!!!! I feel like its not true...... I am freaking out about it. I am so nervous!!!! I was in a RN program when I graduated from HS and decided I did not want to go through with the program anymore because I wanted to go out and have fun and party. Well 12 yrs later I am back in!!! After trying for 2 yrs I finally got into a program. I just pray that I will do well. I have a son who is turning 1 year in June and need to work full time, so not sure how its all going to work but I feel that if you are determined in something you will do it!!! I pray that all of you will get the same great news as I did today!!!!
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  3. by   jrwoodall79
    oh my goodness congratulations!! it has to be such an exciting feeling. i cant apply until august and wont find out until december if i get in for fall of 2008.... i can just imagine how you are feeling. again, congrats!!!
  4. by   *Blessed2BaNRS*
    Congrats and welcome to "the club!!!" Isn't a great feeling reading that you are accepted? Especially after so many years out of HS. I am going on my 20th year out and I never dreamed that I would be starting NS in August. Good luck~