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    I am new to the nursing field and I am considering beginning an associates degree in nursing soon. I have a bachelor's degree in a non-nursing field. I was considering becoming a licensed social worker. However, I am also very interested in becoming a mental health nurse. Does anyone know of an MSN program that trains deeply in psychotherapy? Everything I am finding online seems to focus much more on prescribing medications. I am interested in prescribing but I am more interested in psychotherapy.

    Thank you!
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  3. by   3peas
    That's not really the focus of of a PMHNP. The psych field has clinical staff to cover therapy, LMFT, LPC, and social workers. Then the MD's and nurses cover the medical aspect of care. Yes a nurse can conduct therapy, but our training is not geared for that including at the APRN level. If you want to do therapy then I would recommend going route.
  4. by   elkpark
    Psych CNSs used to be intensively trained as psychotherapists, but TPTB in nursing, in their infinite wisdom, eliminated that credential. The only advanced practice psych nursing role now is the psych NP which, as you note, is focused on pushing pills. There are some psych NP programs that offer more therapy content than others, but none, IMO, that actually prepare anyone to be a therapist. If that's your interest, you're better off entering another field, as 3peas notes.
  5. by   sriteop
    Thank you. Ok, that makes sense. I had come across something on the internet about CNSs doing psychotherapy but I couldn't find any current information about this. I am still interested in pursuing nursing. I practice hypnosis right now and I am interested in becoming an certified addictions nurse. And then down the road I may possibly become a Psych NP and work to bring the powerful modality of hypnosis into more use in the addiction/pain treatment field. Elkpark, do you specifically know which psych NP programs offer more therapy content than other programs? Thank you.