Most useful pre-req in the nursing program?

  1. I was just wondering, for those of you in your first year of nursing school or those of you who can think back to when you finished your pre-reqs and entered a nursing program...which pre-req do you think was most useful, applicable, etc. in your nursing program? I've heard from a couple students that it was Physio, and that you'd better have that information DOWN before your nursing program starts. Anyone agree, or have other opinions?

    Did Statistics (for those of you who needed it as a pre-req) do ANYTHING for you in terms of your nursing program???

    Cheers all!
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  3. by   mpihl
    Anatomy Physiology was the most useful for me. I personally say the best thing to do for them is try to learn it the best you can that way you don't have to waste time in nursing school. If you don't learn it all don't stress about it all of my nursing books refresh you over it and usually have a short chapter of some of the basics at the very beginning.

    I took statistics in my first semester of nursing school and it helped a little bit in our research class but so far thats it. I just finished my 3rd semester of nursing school so maybe I'll need it in one of my last 2 semesters but I highly doubt it.
  4. by   Iridescent Orchid
    I've heard that Anatomy & Physiology is the most useful after you get into the program. It's been stressed on multiple occasions for our LPN program.
  5. by   Streamline2010
    A&P I and II

    Nutrition always came back to haunt me, since the program I was in had a never-ending emphasis on children, family med, and holistic nursing.

    Human development, Maslow's, Freud, Erikson, Piaget, and etc. just would not go away, either. I was eternally being asked to say what development stage patient was at and how does this affect my nursing care plan / strategy. :-D

    As a gauge of how I'd feel about my nursing coursework, A&P was the best indicator. I found A&P tedious and often uninteresting to study, and I thought lots of the RN training was just more of the same. I am a science and math personality, and i hate to be sedentary. There's not much science and math in patient care. The nursing student lifestyle was forced sedentary study. I am currently re-evaluating whether I have any further interest in nursing.
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  6. by   bigboi
    As mentioned above, the students in the program I'm gonna be attending stress A&P. I would also think chem would help with the math aspect. Psy and soc, for the nursing fluff courses. Medical term offcourse. I took a pharmacology class specifically to give me a head start. I think mirco as well, knowing the difference b/w gram negative and positive bacteria.
  7. by   LatinoHealthNut
    Thanks, all, for your feedback!
  8. by   LatinoHealthNut
    Bigboi, what an awesome idea, taking a pharmacology class!!! I hear from most students that's the toughest subject in the nursing program.
  9. by   ♑ Capricorn ♑
    I'd say A&P is the bread and butter. The more one can get out of it, the better. Although, I really did enjoy my Microbiology class alot too.
  10. by   NCRNMDM
    Anatomy and physiology and microbiology, to a certain extent. You will rely heavily on your knowledge of anatomy and physiology one and two. You will also sometimes need to remember certain concepts from micro, like the body's immune response, what's happening, and how it affects everything else. A&P is the major one that you will use the most often.