Microbiology F or W

  1. Hey Everyone, I could use your advice on a current situation.
    I am currently taking Microbiology as a pre req for my nursing program and its a 5 week class. The issue at hand is the class is horrible, in terms of quality of teaching and material overload and understanding. We just took our 3rd exam yesterday, and once again, the class as a whole did not do a good job. I believe the grade average was about a High D Low C.
    I have one more week left in the class and I was intending to drop after finding out the grades from this exam, and since We received them as a class it is not looking good.

    My question would be, should I drop out and tae the W or attempt to go through 1 more exam and 1 final.
    My average in the class now is about a 74% prior to the exam last night.

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  3. by   caliotter3
    I would take the W if it were me but you should decide based on your circumstances. What is the policy regarding W's, repeat of courses, how high of an overall GPA is necessary, science GPA, etc.? Five week courses are not a good idea unless one knows that the instructor is regarded as less than rigorous.
  4. by   Nurserock20
    Hi @Caliotter3, That was my thought process before I went into the class last night. With Science classes they are weighted the heaviest for nursing program, however I have always been advised the W is better than an F or D especially when it is a requirement for entry into the program. I just spoke with nursing program, and she said you have to have a grade so the "W" Would not count against me she stated.
  5. by   caliotter3
    OK, sounds like your best decision is to take the W. Please retake the course during a regular term so you have best chance to get an A. Good luck.
  6. by   ItsThatJenGirl
    W, and I agree that for Micro, you really need the full 16 weeks.
  7. by   Wannabenurseneko
    I would agree with the first poster that you should take the W and the next time around ,take a longer class that way you don't have that amount of stress that you do now ; I had a similar problem, and I honestly wished I had taken the W instead of staying in that class .
  8. by   allyjay13
    I had a situation extremely similar to this when taking micro, I had a horrible teacher - which sounds like your situation. I took a W and ended up taking a higher lever micro class with a teacher I heard great things about and ended up with an A in the class. I then got into a competitive ABSN program with no issues. Moral of the story, I would definitely take the W over an F that would impact your GPA.
  9. by   instax_
    Take the W! Depending on which nursing schools you plan on applying to, the W wont have any effect on your chances on getting admitted
  10. by   gwccstudent
    I would absolutely take the W. Getting an F would be out of the question for me. But, like others mentioned, research your school's withdraw policy.
  11. by   itiswell
    Double check first with the schools you plan to apply to. I was surprised to find a few of the nursing programs would automatically reject if you had a W in any of the pre-reqs!
  12. by   Nurserock20
    Hey Everyone!!
    Thank you all for you input. I did end up dropping the course, especially after speaking with the programs I am applying to for Nursing School.
    Based upon that last test, the class did fail and he had them take a retest which averaged out at a 70% for the entire class of 32 people.

    So I will be taking it in the Fall of 2018 for the full 16 weeks. SO happy with my decision, and Thank you ALL for your input!