Microbiology club Fall 2007

  1. I would like to share experiences and sources for Micro. I am using Alcamo's book and I am having problems with the first chapters (chemistry and genetic).
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  3. by   mommyjskns
    Count me in....I have my first exam on Wednesday...wish me luck!
  4. by   Polska
    Good luck in your exam.
    I have mine on Friday..what book are you using?
  5. by   zullayh
    I have mine on Friday too, I have been using the class objectives for each chapter and make them into flash cards, of course after I read the text.
  6. by   mommyjskns
    Good luck to both of you on Friday! I am using Nester's "Microbiology: A Human Perspective"....The chemistry chapter was challenging, but I made flash cards and I seem to be getting the hang of it. I'll let you know after tomorrow night how much I'm understanding it, but we had a quiz last Wednesday and I got 100% on it, so I'm feeling a little confident right now.
  7. by   teampierce
    Count me in too.

    I'm using the ninth Edition of "Microbiology" and introduction by Tratora, Funke, Case.

    My first two lab quizzes went okay.. The first quiz was a review of basic microscope features and I got 7 out of ten so a "C" on that one.. The second was a gram stain where we had to report pos. or neg.,shape and motility (+ or -) <-- on this one I got the positive result and shape correctly but missed the positive motility so I got a "C" on that as well... But on the one lecture exam I got a "B".. So that made me feel a little better.

    For my first lecture exam I just studied my notes mostly.. But this time I printed out the chapter objectives off the website to hopefully help me grasp how all the info fits in the bigger picture..

    Right now I am currently studying microbial metabolism. I have to say I find this class very challenging, but I'm up for the challenge
  8. by   jackson145
    I have my first practical lab exam on Monday and the first lecture exam on Tuesday.
  9. by   Peach-Tulsa
    I too am taking Micro this semester. i had LPN boards on Thursday 9-13-07 and my first micro test the nest day on friday. So of course i put all of my energy into studying for my boards. I passed boards :spin: But received a 53% on my first Micro test. I guess you can't win them all.

  10. by   phoenixfire
    I'm in! Just started Micro a few weeks ago, and have my first test tommorrow! We are using a book by Robert Bauman, and I am desperately trying to find my CD! I know it was here....

    .... losing my mind in Texas....